WHY Cheat day!?

Some might wonder what is actually cheat day and why we have to have that day. Wouldn’t it make you fatter if you’re cheating during diet? I think the word ‘cheat day’ is our favorite when we’re on diet.

  • What is ‘Cheat day’ and why?

Cheat day or cheat meal is eating whatever you want eventhough you’re on diet. It is one of the important tool to make your diet program efficiency.

The researcher says that if you’re eating clean food and healthy food only. At one point, your body is going to feel like you’re craving for dessert and fast food more. Moreover, if you started to eat dessert, you will not go back to eat healthy like you used to. Cheat day will reduce your stress after eating clean food for a long time.

  • Plan your cheat meal

However, cheat meal shouldn’t be more than 2 meals each week. You have to try to make it cheat meal not cheat day. You have to plan each week which day you are going to have cheat meal and remember DO NOT find the excuse to cheat before your real cheat day.

  • Cheat meal rules


Remember these five rules:

1. No guilt.

Enjoy yourself while having cheat meal. Don’t feel bad about it you deserve it! If you allow yourself to feel guilty, you are missing the point.

2. Plan you indulgence meals

You should plan your cheat meals and they should not be a spur of the moment decision.

3. Don’t forget everything you know about portion control.

Your cheat meal should not be a license to binge.

4. Limit your cheat meals

Remember only TWO times a week.

5. Move on

Don’t allow cheat meal to be a trigger to more bad eating. Do it, love every second of it and move on.

  • Do you really need cheat meal?

The question from you might be ‘Is cheat meals necessary?’ Here is the answer.

Cheat meals is not really necessary but it helps your body and metabolism to get better. It also reduce your body stress. You should have at least one cheat meal but not more than two per week. However, you do not have to have cheat meal but you have to check on your body that is it better off without cheat meal or is it worse. What will happen if you do not have cheat meal? After 2-3 months of diet, you are going to feel like you do not want to eat healthy food anymore since your body is stressful and you have to think about calories all the time. When you are having your first unhealthy food meal for a while, you are going to ask for more. This is why having cheat meal each week is better.

  • Get back on track!

Do not let cheat meals control you. Cheat meals might be trigger for you to crave for unhealthy food again. You can enjoy yourself by having cheat meals because you burn to earn it. You are working out everyday and you deserve that meal BUT do not cheating yourself by find the excuse not to work out or have more cheat meals. When you have enjoyed your cheat meals, get back on your track. Keep working to enjoy you body again. Getting back to your healthy food and enjoy cheat meals twice a week.

These are the information about cheat meals (or cheat day). I hope you guys enjoy them and remember do not give up. YOU can do it! and ONLY YOU can make a change





How to workout for your body type?

So, let’s keep it going and do not give up BUT remember you are what you eat! The exercise is only 30% and 70% is food. Let me talk about body type. Some girls might think that the more you exercise, the thinner you will be. THIS IS ABSOLUTELY WRONG. When you work out, your muscle will be used and it will get bigger but also boost up the metabolism as well. Most of Asian girls love tiny butt but some people have the difference type of body which mean no matter how much you exercise, your butt is NEVER getting thinner. Difference body type, difference workout.

1. Endomorph


This type is big and high body fat. People in this type often in pear-shaped. The metabolism is low. The way of working out is maintaining on burning fat out. You don’t have to do much weight- training. You have to maintain on cardio. You will have to burn that fat out and build more muscles later.Moreover, Food is VERY important for you. Your type of body is easily getting fat. You have to maintain on healthy food and especially low carbs, sugar and fats. However, you also have to do both cardio and weigh-training but the ratio is 80:20. This will take you slow process but you have to be patient! You will see the result.

  • Weight-training: High Sets & High Reps
  • Food: Be careful with carbs, sugar and fats


You’re lucky if you have this type of body. This is the most perfect body in three type. You’re muscular and well-built, with high metabolism and responsive muscle. The way of working out is depends on your goal. If you want a muscle body, you’ll have to maintain on weight-training more than cardio but if you want to get good shape but not muscular, you’ll have to  maintain on cardio more than weight-training. However, the food is also important. You must not think that you are already in the good-shaped so, you can eat whatever you want. NO, IT IS WRONG. Although, you are in the good-shaped but bad behavior will caused you to be in the contrast shape as well.

  • Weight-training: Depends on your goal
  • Food: Maintain on healthy food


This type of body is lean and long but you’ll have to workout harder. The metabolism is high so, you can eat more than other type but the drawback is it is difficult to build the muscles (but surely you can!). Your target is to gain more weight and more muscles! Therefore, carbs and protein are really important to you! The way of working out is maintaining on weight-training to build the muscles. However, food is also important for you. You have to eat more carbs to gain more weight then you can build your muscles. You have to maintain on healthy food even though you can eat a lot.

  • Weight-training: Heavy Weights & Low Reps
  • Food: 45:35:20 (Carbs: Protein: fats)

Remember that to maintain in the good body, you’ll have to check how to exercise that suit with your body type. You have to set your goal and your body in the future. How should it be? Should you lean or bulk? (We will discuss that on the other blog) Now, you know your body type and your goal. DO NOT GIVE UP. You have to keep working along with your schedule! Don’t care what others say. You have to do this for yourself. Set the goal and try to achieve that goal. Once you achieve it, you are going to work out for more! You own your body, not others. Only you can find the best in your body.